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She is the Artist known as Ms. B’havin or Miss B. who’s Hit Single “Bottle Action” Spearheaded the “Girl Fight” Movement

Her small frame houses a witty personality and an even more amazing talent. Her strut would make one believe that they were about to witness a runway show of some sort, but once she grabs the mic and you hear her undeniable flow, you are thankful that she is not. She is the artist known as Ms. B’havin or Miss B. who’s hit single “Bottle Action” spearheaded the “Girl Fight” movement and changed the way alcohol was served in nightclubs throughout the country. Later on she gained more fame and recognition for co-writing and featuring on Yung Joc’s super mega hit single “I know you see it”. After enjoying more than 3 years of performing “Bottle Action” and touring with Yung Joc, Ms. B’havin is back and she is stirring up the industry once again with a catchy new single and an even sexier look. 


You can always count on Ms. B’havin to stir up some controversy and her new controversial single does just that. The "no BS" title “MADAM” is demanding respect from any and everyone breathing, so you wouldn’t be surprised to hear how raw and honest Ms. B’havin lyrics flow in this song.

Bankhead bred and Atlanta native she’s often compared to a female T.I. With “Madam” you can hear the heart and lingo of Bankhead fused with “eargasmic” 808’s and catchy punch lines, anyone will find it hard to avoid chanting along.


Before Ms. B’havin was a SO SO DEF rapper she was a singer. She started off singing in the chorus of West Fulton Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia. “I actually never considered rapping until I joined a group called “V.A.L.I.D Entertainment” which stands for Vocals and Lyrics including Dance.” It was within

that group that she was introduced to rap. A fellow member of the group, Blizm wrote her first verse,

and showed her how to spit it. The rhythm and the flow of the words came so naturally that she decided to become a lyricist officially. Once reaching the epiphany that being a lyricist is what she wanted to do, she needed a name. Another group member “Lew” suggested the moniker “Ms. B’havin” because she was only 15 and such a rebel. When Ms.B’havin began making the world aware of her presence, it became apparent to everyone she encountered, that she was the breath of fresh air that this cookie cutter industry had been holding there breath for.


Ms. B’havin doesn’t classify herself solely as a rapper though. She is an Entertainer. As the fierce businesswoman she is, Ms. B’havin formed her own label “905 Music Group” in 2010. The songs thereafter released, following a controversial record called “Fake” are club bangers like “Cali Sh*t”, “Homeboy” and commercial hits like “Happy Feelings and her pop ballad “Forever”.  All from her forth coming album which is currently untitled. Ms. B’havin undoubtedly offers a wide-range of talent and sounds. It’s a new day for Ms. B’havin. It’s a new movement, a new sound, and a new appreciation from her old fans and new ones. Not stopping there, Ms. B’havin is also spearheading her own popular social media movement that began on twitter in 2010. The all female “girl power” movement #teamimsopretty, as it was affectionately named after 2010 hit single “I’m so Pretty” has been gaining the attention of followers all across the Globe. 


Ms. B’havin has proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with. When asked about what she wants to do next, Ms. B’havin says humbly “I love TV and Film almost as much as I love music. I love learning and I’m getting my feet wet with acting but as we all know music is my baby”. Ms. B’havin has been officially stamped by some of the top influential people in the industry as the “hardest working woman in showbiz”....and rightfully so.

So now the question remains. Is she still hitting people with bottles? Ms. B’havin coyly replies, “Not a chance”.








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